Moldova government simplified the transit of railway cargo between Moldova and Ukraine




The Government of Moldova has approved the modified protocol to the Agreement between the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine on the operation of railway transport, reports. 

In particular, the protocol provides for the elimination of operations of double, and in some areas, triple control of customs and border authorities. Thus, the procedures for the cargo rail transit through the territory of Ukraine with a destination in Moldova and Romania and through the territory of Moldova with a destination in Ukraine and Romania will be simplified, which will allow to increase the volume of cargo transported by rail.

Also, logistics chains will be changed by redirecting the transportation of goods from the automobile to the railway segment. As a result, the load on national roads will be reduced, which will lead to an increase in the transit cargo volume through the territory of the Republic of Moldova and will have a positive effect on the national economy.

"The project makes changes regarding the elimination of control of the customs and border authorities of Ukraine at the Reni station. This will allow to reduce the time of transportation of goods from/to the port complex of Giurgiulesti or Romania and will have a positive effect on the final value of goods exported/imported by beneficiaries from the Republic of Moldova, reducing transport costs", - commented on the approval of the document, Minister of Infrastructure of the Republic of Moldova Lilia Dabiža.