“Grain deal” continuation will strengthen the global food security – Solskyy




A continuation of the "grain initiative" for Ukraine is an opportunity to remain a top agrarian country because it means that the Ukrainian farmer will plant and be able to receive income from his harvest, so this means an increase in the farmers' liquidity, stated Mykola Solskyy, the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, the press service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine reported.

"For the world, it's a strengthening of food security, it's an opportunity to feed hundreds of millions of people who depend on Ukraine. I am grateful to all international partners, friends of Ukraine, who at all meetings emphasized the importance of extending the export agreement and thus support us," added M. Solskyy.

He also emphasized that thanks to the "grain initiative" it was already possible to export almost 25 mln tonnes of Ukrainian agricultural products, including 6.9 mln tonnes of wheat. 20% of the shipped wheat was sent to African countries. 2.67 mln tonnes of wheat, or 43%, were shipped to the poorest countries and those with incomes below the average.

"We sent almost half a million tonnes of wheat within the framework of the humanitarian food programs of the UN and Grain from Ukraine. So the new 120 days of the agreement is an opportunity to continue these important projects for impoverished countries and thereby save the world from hunger," the minister summarized.