Oman offers Ukraine to make a grain hub




Oman offers Ukraine to create a grain or grain-food hub on its territory for the uninterrupted supply of Ukrainian grain to the countries of the Horn of Africa, reported Maksym Subh, the Special Representative of Ukraine for the Middle East and Africa, in an interview with Ukrinform.

"During my visit, Oman offered Ukraine to take seriously the issue of creating a Ukrainian grain or grain-food hub on the territory of the Sultanate. The Omani side also said that in the case of its creation, Ukraine could be absolutely confident about the regular supplies of our grain to the countries of the Horn of Africa," said M. Subh.

He added that Ukraine can gain access to one of the most modern logistics hubs, which functions essentially in the Indian Ocean. In addition to this, Oman has excellent political relations with countries such as Tanzania, Kenya, Somalia, Uganda, Rwanda, and Ethiopia.

According to him, the idea of creating Ukrainian grain hubs is already being developed and has now reached the level of agreement on the technical details of implementation, including financial support.

"Now the offer of Oman has been added to the list of countries that we could consider. Our goal is to ensure Africa's food security. The advantages of Oman include an excellent infrastructure, a developed fleet, a clear and transparent banking system, and tax rules. In general, Oman looks attractive, so it could also be considered by Ukrainian departments as one of the possible locations for a grain hub," the diplomat said.