Ukraine increased agriproducts export in the first half of March




In the first 15 days of March, Ukraine exported 3.8 mln tonnes of agricultural products, which is 100 thsd tonnes higher month-on-month, reported the press service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy on March 27.

Accordingly, the shipment of some crops did not change significantly compared to the last month of winter, but the shipments of wheat decreased the most among all crops to 827 (-153) thsd tonnes.

"Corn export increased slightly. In the first half of March, corn shipments amounted to 2 mln tonnes – up 250 thsd tonnes m-o-m. There was also a slight increase in the export of sunflower oil – to 248.1 thsd tonnes (+18 thsd tonnes m-o-m)" the ministry added.

At the same time, meal shipments decreased by almost 80 thsd tonnes to 165.8 thsd tonnes in the first half of March against 246 thsd tonnes in two weeks of February. A slight decrease was also observed in the shipments of barley – to 152.3 thsd tonnes (-9 thsd tonnes m-o-m).

"Soybean deliveries remained also almost unchanged – at 227 (+7) thsd tonnes. Also, rapeseed shipments increased slightly – 39.6 thsd tonnes, which is 5 thsd tonnes higher m-o-m," the message states.

Sunflower seeds shipment in the first half of March increased by 25 thsd tonnes to 108 thsd tonnes. The shipments of soybean oil increased from 11.5 thsd tonnes to 14 thsd tonnes.

The general volume of agriproducts that have already crossed the border of Ukraine, for the 15 days of March, accounts for: 53.3% of corn, 21.7% - wheat, 6.5% - sunflower oil, 5.9% - beans, 4.3% - meal, 4% - barley, 2.8% - sunflower seeds, 1.04% - rapeseed, 0.4% - soybean oil.

The export of agricultural products in terms of their transportation in the first half of March: 3 mln tonnes were sent through ports (sea and river), 508.3 thsd tonnes by rail, 248.2 thsd tonnes by road transport, and 55.3 thsd tonnes by ferry.