The total production of agricultural crops in Ukraine will be comparable to last year's level - Vysotskyy




In the current year, Ukraine is forecasted to increase the planting area under oilseed crops and partially decrease under grain and corn. But in general, in terms of total production and potential value of the future harvest, the country will reach similar indicators compared to the previous year, Taras Vysotskyi, the First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, stated on the broadcast of the Yedyni Novyny marathon, the press service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy reported on March 29.

"The planting areas under sunflower seed, soybean and rapeseed will be increased by 10-15%. The good news is that sugar beet planting is planned to increase. The production of grain crops will decrease, because less winter wheat was planted in autumn due to unfavorable weather conditions. Corn planting areas have been reduced by 10-12% due to expensive logistics," said T. Vysotskyy.

The First Deputy Minister also noted that this year the farmers faced a number of challenges, especially in the de-occupied territories. He called the reduction of cultivated areas, mined fields, financial problems, restrictions on sales markets, and expensive logistics as the main challenges because the aggressor country continues to block the full activity of Black Sea ports.

At the same time, according to T. Vysotskyy, the government of Ukraine is doing everything possible to solve these problems.

"The program on the continuation of preferential lending for the agricultural sector has been approved, the humanitarian demining headquarters is working, and the grain initiative has been extended. Alternative logistics have also developed significantly – additional road and railway checkpoints have been built," he added.