One more global grain trader thinks of leaving Russian market – Bloomberg




One of the world's leading grain traders - the company Viterra - plans to stop exporting grain crops from the Russian Federation in the near future, reported Bloomberg.

The company has not confirmed such plans yet, but they have not been denied either. Viterra also refused to comment on any information on this matter.

We should note that on March 29, there was information that Cargill, a global grain trader, will exit the Russian export market from the beginning of the 2023/24 season.

As of March 29, the Russian Ministry of Agriculture stated that the department had not yet received information from the company regarding the specified plans. We should note that according to the results of the FH of 2022/23 MY, Cargill and Viterra were among the top six leading grain exporters of the Russian Federation.

According to Bloomberg sources, Cargill and Viterra leaving the Russian market increase the uncertainty regarding the future supply of crops from the Black Sea region.