VegOil Trade conference agenda: from fundamental factors of the oilseed market to the market of alternative oils and logistics





APK-Inform Agency has formed a preliminary agenda of the international conference VegOil Trade, which will be held on June 8-9 in Rotterdam.

The first day of the event will take place in the session hall. The agenda includes the following thematic blocks:


- Fundamental Factors of the Vegetable Oils Market.

We will discuss the current trends and prospects of the markets of South America, Europe, the countries of the Black Sea region, Kazakhstan, Turkey, China, and global market as a whole.

What challenges do market participants face and what opportunities do they have?


- Market of alternative oils and processed products.

We will talk about the important role of biodiesel for the vegetable oils segment.

We will take a detailed look at the features of the meal market in the EU and Ukraine.

We will discuss the development of the olive oil market in the world and Europe.


- Session-discussion on the logistics of vegetable oils.

Traders and participants in the port services market will be able to meet on the same platform to discuss the current situation in the field of logistics — new trends, main directions, price aspects.

Our speakers will announce forecasts for freight rates for liquid cargoes until the end of the season, as well as talk about the experience of working with European ports when trading Ukrainian sunflower oil.

The second day of the conference will be practical — the guests will go on an excursion to the port of Rotterdam — a unique hub for trading agricultural products and a leading transport hub.

You can find the detailed agenda of the VegOil Trade conference on the APK-Inform Agency website.

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