The majority of Ukrainian agriproducts will still be imported to Turkey at zero customs duty – Ministry of Agrarian Policy




The vast majority of Ukrainian agricultural products exported to Turkey will continue to be delivered at a 0% import duty rate, reported the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine on April 26.

"In particular, Turkey is a major importer of Ukrainian wheat. However, this duty does not apply to the greater share of Ukrainian grain, as our products are imported to Turkey mainly for sale in third countries, and no duty is paid for them," the ministry explained.

As noted in the department, there are two customs regimes for the import of agricultural products in Turkey. The first of them applies to products used for domestic consumption, and it was for these products that the Turkish government announced a temporary zero-duty rate. This preferential rate has now expired and the customs duty at 130% is returned.

The second regime is for products that are sold in third countries before or after processing. There is no duty for these products.

"Ukraine supplies products to Turkey mainly under the second customs regime. If we speak in terms of percentages, only about 5% of all exports go to Turkey under the first regime, on which the duty is refunded," the message emphasizes.