Ukraine adheres to European standards for growing non-GM soybeans - Vysotskyy




Despite the great difficulties caused by Russian aggression, Ukrainian farmers strictly adhere to sustainable agricultural production and contribute to global food security. Taras Vysotskyy, the First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine said this in his welcoming speech to the participants of the International Non-GMO Summit 2023 which took place in Germany, the press service of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy reported on May 10.

He emphasized that Ukraine, as a candidate for joining the EU, adheres to the latest changes in EU legislation. In particular, Ukraine joined the rules on combating deforestation. And already from the end of 2024, some agricultural products, such as soybeans, will be grown only on those lands where forests were not cut down.

According to T. Vysotskyy, in 2022, about 658 thsd tonnes of soybeans in Ukraine (17.5% of the total production) were certified as resistant non-GM soybeans, in accordance with the standards of the Danube Soy Association. This ensures strict compliance of soybeans with EU plant protection and greenhouse gas emission reduction regulations.

"Such a significant result was achieved in connection with the implementation of the Protein Partnership Program, which is aimed at stimulating the sustainable production of non-GM soybeans," the First Deputy Minister of Agricultural Policy emphasized.

T. Vysotskyi also noted that the government of Ukraine has developed a bill to strengthen control over the cultivation, trade, import, and export of GM products, in accordance with EU legislation. The draft law provides for severe punishment for violations of legislation in the field of handling GMOs.