Kazakhstan accelerates wheat export to the EU




In the current season, Kazakhstan has increased wheat export to the EU countries.

According to APK-Inform with reference to official statistics, for 7 months of 2022/23 MY, Kazakhstan exported 283.09 thsd tonnes of wheat to the EU. This is almost 6% higher year-on-year (267.84 thsd tonnes).

Italy remains the leader in purchases of Kazakh wheat. 232.81 thsd tonnes were exported there for 7 months of the current season.

In March 2023, of the total wheat exports (52.6 thsd tonnes), 41.7 thsd tonnes were shipped to Italy, which exceeds the figures for the same period last year (39.6 thsd tonnes and 36.8 thsd tonnes, respectively).

Latvia is in second place in terms of purchases of Kazakh wheat. In September-March 2022/23 MY, Kazakhstan exported 31.9 thsd tonnes of this grain to this country. Interestingly, Latvia sharply increased the import of Kazakh wheat in March, having purchased 10.8 thsd tonnes. In the previous months of the current MY, the volume of deliveries in this direction did not exceed 5.6 thsd tonnes.