Reduction of grain and oilseeds harvest does not threaten Ukraine's food security – Horbachev




The expected reduction of grain and oilseeds production to 65 mln tonnes in 2023 does not threaten Ukraine's food security at all, since 24-25 mln tonnes of grain is enough to meet the needs of the domestic market. The President of the Ukrainian Grain Association, Mykola Gorbachev, stated this on the Freedom TV channel, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

"We are not threatened by hunger, we fully ensure our food security. However, Ukraine is so integrated into the global economy and global food security system that the cessation of supplies to world markets will lead to an increase in inflation even in developed countries. And in developing countries, there may be famine in general," explained the president of UGA.

He also reminded that Ukraine, as of May 15, has already exported 52 mln tonnes of grains and oilseeds in the current season. Together with oil and meal, this will amount to more than 60 mln tonnes of agricultural products.

"We fed three times more people outside of Ukraine than live in our country. Every year, Ukraine feeds from 100 mln to 200 mln people. If people from developing countries do not receive Ukrainian grain, migration processes will intensify, hunger will increase, and perhaps mortality will increase," the UGA president summarized.