Baku Port plans to build a grain terminal for Kazakhstan




The Baku International Sea Trade Port intends to build a grain terminal for products from Kazakhstan in the foreseeable future. It is reported by PRIME with reference to the operational director of the port, Eugene Seah.

"In the future, we plan to create a facility for a grain terminal. I would say in the long-term," he said during the Trans-Caspian Forum in Washington.

At the same time, he noted that it is planned to receive grain from Kazakhstan for further shipment to "everyone who needs it."

As for the fertilizer flow, E. Seah said that in 2022 it "slightly decreased" compared to 2021, when the port of Baku received over 1.2 mln tonnes of products.

However, he refrained from making forecasts for this year, due to the volatility of volumes and dependence on price changes during the year.

E. Seah also pointed out the lack of influence of anti-Russian sanctions on the work of the Baku port, since the company receives a minimum number of ships from Russia, and the main part of the cargo flow falls on land routes.