Kazakh exporters offer to limit the export of wheat by road to Uzbekistan




The head of the National Association of Exporters of Kazakhstan "KazGrain" Zeinolla Abdumanapov proposes to limit the export of wheat by road to Uzbekistan. He announced this on his page on the social network.

“Despite the fact that the government has taken measures to ban the import of wheat by road from Russia, recently we have seen how wagons from Russia enter the Turkestan region, are reloaded onto Kamaz trucks and exported to Uzbekistan. Who controls whether this wheat is legally exported? It should be noted that the cheap Russian wheat spoils the entire export of Kazakh wheat. In this regard, I believe that it is necessary to put this issue on the agenda and consider the restriction on the export of wheat by road from Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan,” said the head of KazGrain.

As APK-Inform reported, wheat prices continue to decline in Kazakhstan. The reasons are low demand from exporters, as well as the seasonal factor.

Earlier, Kazakhstan introduced a ban on the import of wheat by road to the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 6 months. The corresponding Order No. 132 was signed by the head of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan Yerbol Karashukeev on April 10 this year. This measure was taken to support domestic agricultural producers and keep prices for Kazakh wheat, which is under strong pressure from cheaper Russian grain.

According to the Union of Processors of Kazakhstan, due to the smuggling of Russian wheat, the Republic annually loses about $500 million.