LAST CALL! International conference VegOilTrade in Rotterdam – hurry up to register!




Less than a week is left before the start of the international conference "VegOilTrade", which will be held on June 8-9 in Rotterdam!

If you are interested in the oilseed market in Europe, Ukraine and other countries, if you need up-to-date information and first-hand forecasts from experts and market participants, if you want to conclude new profitable contracts, register for participation!

About 200 delegates from 26 countries have already registered for the conference – the EU and the Black Sea region, the Americas, Asia, and the East.

Among the guests are large exporters and importers of oilseeds, brokerage companies, processors, representatives of industry associations, analytical companies, etc.

In Rotterdam, where VegOilTrade will take place, there is the largest industrial port in Europe, leading exchanges and offices of the world's leading agricultural traders.

The conference will focus on the EU vegetable oils market, with an emphasis on the supply of oilseeds and raw materials from the countries of the Black Sea region.

As speakers, we invited leading market participants and industry experts from different parts of the world: Brazil, Turkey, Great Britain, Germany, France, Bulgaria, and Ukraine.

Sponsors of VegOilTrade - logistics company LAT FLEX SIA; international certified marine surveyor and inspector QSS Global SA; transport company OOC Terminals.

Exclusive partner - National Oilseeds Processors Association of Kazakhstan (NOPA).