In 2022/23 MY Egypt 17 times increased imports of soybeans from Ukraine




According to operational data, in September-June 2022/23 MY, Ukraine exported almost 3 mln tonnes of soybeans, which has become a record seasonal volume of shipments to foreign markets in the entire history, surpassing the previous maximum of a whole season-2016/17 (2.9 mln tonnes).

The European Union remains the main importer of Ukrainian oilseed in the current season with a share of 47% compared to 40% in 2021/22 MY. The export in this direction increased 3.1 times.

Turkey remains the 2nd in the rating with a share of 32% compared to 36% in the last MY. The increase in exports in this direction is 2.4 times for 10 months of 2022/23 MY.

It is also worth noting the significant boost in shipments of Ukrainian soybeans to Egypt, especially in May-June 2023. The share of this country in the total export of soybeans from Ukraine increased to 15% against 2% in 2021/22 MY, while the volume of oilseed shipments in this direction increased 17 times to 440`000 tonnes.