UGA again increased the grains and oilseeds production prospects in Ukraine




The Ukrainian Grain Association updated the estimate of the potential grain harvest in 2023, increasing it by another 3.7 mln tonnes due to higher yields. Thus, according to UGA forecasts, the grains and oilseeds production in Ukraine will amount to 80.5 mln tonnes, the Association's press service reported.

Last year's total harvest of grains and oilseeds amounted to 73.8 mln tonnes, according to UGA.

Wheat harvest prospects improved from 20.2 to 22 mln tonnes (20.2 mln tonnes in 2022, and a record 33 mln tonnes in 2021), barley from 5.2 to 5.8 mln tonnes (5.8 and 10.1 mln tonnes respectively), and corn – from 26.9 to 28 mln tonnes (27.3 and 37.6 mln tonnes).

Sunflower seeds production in 2023 UGA forecasts at 13.9 mln tonnes (16.9 mln tonnes in 2021 and 11.1 mln tonnes in 2022), and oilseed processing may reach 13.2 mln tonnes.

As for other oilseeds, rapeseed production is expected at 4.1 mln tonnes and soybeans – 4.8 mln tonnes.