Russia harvested 120 mln tonnes of grain by mid-September




As of September 15, Russia harvested 119.8 mln tonnes of grains and pulses, which is 17.4 mln tonnes less compared to 2022, Interfax reports with reference to data from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

Harvesting progress is also slower y-o-y – on the specified date, 36.5 mln ha were threshed against 40.5 mln ha in 2022. The average yield is also lower this year and assessed at 3.29 t/ha versus 3.39 t/ha.

The total harvest of wheat is significantly lower than last year — 86.5 mln tonnes compared to 100.3 mln tonnes the year before, which is due to both lower yield (3.61 to/ha versus 3.69 t/ha) and slower harvesting progress (23.9 mln ha versus 27.2 mln ha).

The harvest of barley is estimated at 20.5 mln tonnes (23.9 mln tonnes in 2022), which is harvested from 7 mln ha with a yield of 2.94 t/ha, and corn – 958.7 thsd tonnes (780.8 thousand tons) from 161.2 thsd ha with a yield of 5.95 t/ha.

As for oilseeds, by mid-September, the total harvest of sunflower seed amounted to 1.4 (1.5) mln tonnes, which was harvested from 611.8 thsd ha with a yield of 2.28 t/ha. Rapeseed harvest reached 2.7 (3.2) mln tonnes, and soybeans – 462.8 (559.3) thsd tonnes.

The planting area under winter crops exceeds last year's indicator – 7.9 mln ha against 7.4 mln ha.