Experts at AGOC: Results of 2023 conference to provide detailed insight into the quality of Kazakh grain from the 2023 harvest




The quality of Kazakh grain has emerged as a crucial topic, given the challenges faced by the main grain-producing regions this year. Drought initially hindered plant development, followed by heavy rains during the crucial harvesting period.

The share of sprouted, non-grade grain in the total harvest of 2023 is really large. However, how critical is the quality situation? Can this grain be used for livestock farming, alcohol production, and deep processing? How does the quality situation differ in various regions of Kazakhstan? We will talk about this and much more during the international conference Asia Grains&Oils Conference: Results of 2023, which will take place very soon – on December 5 in Almaty.

A highly anticipated speaker at the AGOC: Results of 2023 will be Saltanat Orazova, Head of the Laboratory at the Department of Agro-Industrial Complex, SGS Kazakhstan Ltd LLP.

The discussion on the quality of the harvest won't be limited to invited experts. Every participant will have the chance to share their insights, both during the scheduled business talk in the conference program and informally on the sidelines. 

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