Car crossings at Ukraine-Poland customs points drop alsmot 50% – experts




As of November 13, Ukraine exported 220.000 tonnes of agriproducts by road this month, compared to 226.000 tonnes in the same period in October and 223.000 tonnes in September. This was reported by Spike Brokers experts.

At the same time, the passage of cars through the customs points on the border with Poland in November decreased to 4 thsd tonnes of cargo per day compared to the peak volume of 7.5 thsd tonnes per day, last month. At the same time, the passage of cars through other points on the border with Romania, Hungary and Moldova is gradually increasing.

"The average daily rate of passing cars with agricultural products for export through customs points in November is: through the border with Poland – 5.083 tonnes per day (~212 cars); with Romania – 4.314 tonnes per day (~180 cars); with Hungary – 3.142 tonnes per day (~130 cars); with Slovakia – 1.340 tonnes (~56 cars); with Moldova – 3.076 tonnes (~128 cars). Freight rates in the direction of Europe remained unchanged," the message reads.

At the same time, experts noted that the increase in railcar rental rates by Ukrzaliznytsia and private owners, which were accepted by the same freight forwarders through public auctions, increased the cost of transportation by 30-40% compared to October.

"In addition to this, the decrease in the speed of railcars has led to the fact that car transportation has become more profitable, even at distances from the Chernihiv region to the ports of Odesa," the message emphasizes.