Rye is becoming a niche crop in Russia – expert




Rye harvest in Russia will decrease to 1.85 mln tonnes in 2023 from 2.2 mln tonnes a year earlier, which allows us to talk about this grain as a niche crop. This opinion was expressed by the general director of the ProZerno company, Vladimir Petrychenko, Interfax reports.

"Rye is becoming a niche crop for grain growers. It is failing to be in their interest, taking into account how much should be invested in it, and as a result, it will be difficult to sell it for 6`000 RUR/t," the expert said.

V. Petrychenko cited the lack of sufficient demand from processors, as well as the supply of rye flour from Belarus, as the reason for the decrease in interest of farmers in this grain.

"Currently, you can buy rye for 5`000 RUR/t. On average, it costs 6`000 RUR (without VAT), in the best case – 7`000 RUR, and of course, more if add delivery – logistics become very expensive," the analyst noted.