Sunflower seed prices in Ukraine reached a three-month high – APK-Inform




As of the end of November, sunflower seed prices in Ukraine have surged to their highest level since September, according to monitoring data from APK-Inform Agency. Several factors contribute to this rise, including heightened demand from processing enterprises, increased prices and shipment rates in the sunflower oil export market, and a cautious approach to selling raw materials by farmers, despite reports of a gradual increase in supply.

The maximum bid prices were traditionally declared in the southern part of the country, as well as in some central regions – 13`500-14`100 UAH/t of CPT. However, for large volumes of oil, as well as for raw materials with a high oil content and for High-Oleic sunflower seed, processors were ready to pay significantly more.

Minimum bid prices for sunflower seed were recorded in the eastern and northern regions of the country, where it was possible to procure raw materials at prices starting from 12`400/t UAH CPT, and in certain instances, even lower.

 is worth noting that during the last week the growth of sunflower prices slowed down due to the "slump" of prices on the sunflower oil export market. Simultaneously, market players reported an upswing in the supply of oilseeds, driven by the progressively enticing purchase prices for farmers and the necessity for agricultural producers to replenish working capital ahead of the New Year holidays.

At the same time, market participants are waiting for the lifting of the ban on the import of Ukrainian sunflower seed in Bulgaria in December, which may strengthen the demand for raw materials on the domestic market from exporters and accelerate price growth again. However, the Bulgarian government has not yet given an unequivocal answer regarding the lifting of the ban and possible conditions in the event of its lifting, which adds uncertainty to the market. Most likely, in December, we will not see a significant increase in the export of Ukrainian oilseeds, since permission documentation for the supply of sunflower in the specified direction will need to be provided from both sides, which will complicate and slow down trade.

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