Kazakhstan emerges as TOP-4 durum wheat exporter to EU, boosting supply tenfold




In the current season, Kazakhstan significantly strengthened its position not only in the EU oil market but also in the grain segment. For 5 months of 2023/24 MY (July-November), Kazakhstan ranks 4th in the list of suppliers of durum wheat to this region. For comparison: last season during this period, Kazakhstan was in the 7th position. This is reported by APK-Inform with reference to data from the European Commission.

Thus, in July-November of 2023/24 MY, Kazakhstan exported 169.65 thsd tonnes of durum wheat to the EU. This is almost 10 times more than in the same period last season (17.32 thsd tonnes).

According to the European Commission, the main volume of Kazakh durum wheat was exported to Italy (128.43 thsd tonnes). Latvia bought 20 thsd tonnes, Portugal — about 9 thsd tonnes, Spain — 6.39 thsd tonnes, Belgium — 4.11 thsd tonnes, Poland — 1.67 thsd tonnes. It is interesting that on the Polish market this year, Kazakhstan was significantly ahead of Ukraine (whereas last season the situation was the opposite).

It should be noted that the TOP-3 main suppliers of durum wheat (and flour) to the EU based on the results of the first 5 months of the current season include Turkey, the Russian Federation, and Canada.

Detailed information on foreign grain trade in the EU is available on the dashboard.