APK-Inform invites you to the VegOils&Meals Trade conference in Spain!




APK-Inform Agency invites you to the VegOils&Meals Trade conference in Spain!

The upcoming international conference will focus on the EU oil market, with particular emphasis on premium vegetable oils and processed products.

The event will be held on June 14 in Seville, Spain.

«Open new horizons of Europe!». Together we will open new prospects for your business!

Why Spain?

Barcelona stands as a pivotal hub in the oilseed market of Western Europe, enriched by its strategic location as one of the Mediterranean Sea's largest port cities. Serving as a vital nexus, it intersects crucial trade routes linking Western Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America.

In addition, Spain is one of the EU's largest importers of soybeans (27% share), meal (14%) and vegetable oils (22%).

This season, Spain increased imports of Ukrainian sunflower oil by 64% and took 4th place among EU countries in this indicator with a share of 10%. This country also became the second largest buyer of high oleic sunflower oil in the overall ranking of countries with a share of 17%.

Spain also accounts for up to 7% of the total exports of Ukrainian oilseed meal to the EU (in particular, the country became the second largest importer of Ukrainian rapeseed meal in 2023/24 MY).

In light of this, a primary focus of the conference will delve into the specifics of supplying vegetable oils and meals from the Black Sea region countries to Western European markets.

Throughout the event, we will discuss global trends within the oilseeds and processed products market, logistical hurdles, developments in the biofuel sector, quality assurance matters, and other pertinent topics.

We invite everyone who is interested in developing and gaining new positions in the global oilseed market and related industries to take part in the conference: agricultural holdings, traders, processors, importers, equipment manufacturers, representatives of industry associations, etc.

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