Ukraine: for three quarters of the current season, UkrTransAgro increased the transshipment of agricultural products




For three quarters of 2019/20 MY, the terminals of UkrTransAgro LLC shipped for exports 158 thsd tonnes of agricultural products, up 45% compared with the same period last season, declared the press-service of the company, on April 10.

In addition, in the reporting period the company started exporting a new crop — sorghum, which was not previously shipped through the company's terminals.

In particular, the share of wheat in the general structure of shipped agricultural products totaled nearly 72%, corn — 16%, barley — 10%, and sorghum — 2%.

Also, in the third quarter of the current MY UkrTransAgro significantly increased wheat exports to Egypt, which covered 34% of the general volume of shipped agricultural products. At the same time, Turkey (26%), Lebanon (18%), Cyprus (11%), and Israel (11%) still remained the main countries-importers from the Azov Sea region.

Generally, the reporting period was quite efficient for the company, even despite imposition of the strict measures in the country and the world, due to the current pandemic of the viral infection. The favourable weather conditions in January-February of 2020 allowed to the company to break its own record of agricultural products transshipment in winter. After imposition of the quarantine in the country, the terminal continued operating under normal conditions, added the General Director at UkrTransAgro LLC, Pavel Plotnikov.