Ukraine: in 2019/20 MY, Ascet Shipping Ltd. shipped over 1.5 mln tonnes of grain and food cargoes




Since the beginning of 2019/20 MY, Ascet Shipping Ltd. already shipped 1.522 mln tonnes of grain and food cargoes in the Berdyansk Commercial Sea Port, declared the press-service of the company, on May 5.

The company worked ahead of schedule in comparison with indicators of the previous MY — both in terms of the shipment volumes, and the loading rates of vessels. Ascet Shipping broke a new record in April 2020 — 159.84 thsd tonnes of cargoes, and 25 loaded vessels for the month. The company has never reached such significant volumes in April period for all previous years of operation, said the Director of the Berdyansk branch, Victoria Abreeva.

According to her, in previous years in the reporting month the export traffic usually started declining, just before coming of new crop grains on the market.

Last year, Ascet Shipping mainly provided equipment maintenance and preparation works for the new season in May-June period, but in the current season the situation will change. There are many requests from customers, and the company will have a lot of work, V.Abreeva concluded.