Russia: changes in the TOP-5 of landowners in 2019




As of May 2020, the TOP-5 of the companies that own agricultural lands in Russia faced some minor changes, reported the consulting company BEFL, on May 25.

The positions of Agrocomplex named after N.I.Tkachev and Rusagro became changed: to date Agrocomplex takes the third position of the rating. It should be noted that last year, Agrocomplex increased its land bank — from 649 thsd ha in 2018 to 653 thsd ha in 2019, while Rusagro reduced the areas — from 650 thsd ha to 643 thsd ha.

At the same time, the analysts specified that they did not calculate the assets of the holding Solnechnye produkty, which rights of claim Rusagro purchased in November 2019, since the Group rented fat-and-oil capacities only, which Rusagro plans to obtain the ownership in the current year. At the same time, the lands of Solnechnye produkty were gradually sold in the auction format.

In 2019, Miratorg, which increased its land bank from 1 mln ha to 1.047 mln ha, and Prodimex, which land areas did not change for the reporting year and still totaled 865 thsd ha, kept the first two positions in the rating.

EkoNiva closed the TOP-5 rating, with the land bank of 599 thsd ha (last year — 504 thsd ha).