Ministry of Agrarian Policy should focus on opening of the land market, the imports and sanitary security




Announced by the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Denys Shmyhal, the further revival of the stand-alone Ministry of Agrarian Policy will contribute to positive changes in the agro-industrial complex, only in the case of correctly delineated mapping of the updated department, declared the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the agricultural holding KSG Agro, Sergiy Kasianov, on June 4.

According to him, Ukraine does not need the Ministry to work with various management issues of the government ownership. It is important to note that in addition to establishment of the optimum relationships between participants of the agricultural market with the government and local budgets, and adjusting of the tax policy, in order to develop the industry, the reporting Ministry also should become a headliner in the process of organizing of the land market. Development of the agricultural exports should become another important priority, because Ukraine sells mainly grain crops, and it is necessary to rely on the supplies of finished products with rather high added value — pork, confectionery products, etc. In addition, traders should complete the prospective markets of China, African countries, etc.

According to S.Kasianov, the role of the Ministry in founding of the effective mechanisms for epidemic control in the animal-breeding industry, in particular in terms of the frequent outbreaks of African swine fever (ASF), may become the crucial one.

In terms of the absence of the compensation mechanism, owners of contaminated pork usually try sell it by fair means or foul, because they do not want to suffer any losses. At the same time, together with the European partners, including the Poles and Germans, who also have the reporting problem, Ukraine will be able to create the effective insurance mechanisms that would allow receiving compensations in terms of the ASF outbreaks, S.Kasianov said.