Mykolayiv branch of Ascet Shipping Ltd. increased the transshipment volumes by more than 15%




In 2019/20 MY, the Mykolayiv branch of Ascet Shipping Ltd. shipped 1.4 mln tonnes of grain and food cargoes, up 16.6% compared to the result of 2018/19 MY, declared the press-service of the company, on June 10.

“This is the highest seasonal result in the history of the Mykolayiv branch. The first half of the season was  very busy, we handled 1 mln tonnes of cargoes. The maximum transshipment volumes reached 14 thsd tonnes per day. The traffic decreased notably in the second half of the season as the main part of wheat has already been exported”, the director of the branch, Kirill Palyvoda said.

He specified that the cargo turnover through the storage facilities of the Mykolayiv branch of Ascet Shipping reached 1.1 mln tonens in 2019/20 MY. Wheat was the main product accumulated in the storage. The company accumulated sunflower meal lots in the storage facilities of Sea Specialized Port Nika-Ter LLC.