Agriculture is constantly developing, new companies engaged in the production of agricultural crops, their trade and export are entering the agribusiness market. This is facilitated by several reasons, the main of which are considered to be the financial profitability and stability of this sector.
And since agro-export is one of the leading directions in the development of the economy, understanding all its features is extremely important for every enterprise. In addition, you need to understand the agricultural market, as well as be aware of all the events associated with it.


The agro-export news indicates that grain crops are in the lead, in general, for 2019-2020, their figures reach up to 45% of Ukrainian exports in general. This indicates the importance of the agricultural sector in the development of the economy. The top five importers of agricultural products from Ukraine include the following countries:

  • Turkey;
  • Egypt;
  • India;
  • Netherlands;
  • Spain.

The largest number of products is exported to Europe, slightly lower indicators of the export of goods to Asia and Africa.
Export-import relations are also developing well in other countries of the former CIS, in particular Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan.
Kazakhstan increased grain exports by almost a quarter of last year's figures. However, the government plans to introduce certain quotas for the export of certain agricultural products.
Russia is reaching a new level by increasing the export of rapeseed and soybeans.
In 2021, the export of agricultural products from Belarus increased by 10%.
It can be summarized that the export relations of many countries are actively developing, bringing new experience to the development of the economy.

Agricultural export news from APK-Inform

Export news for farmers is able to reveal the interaction of all sectors in agriculture: the level of GDP, income from export-import relations, economic growth or decline, transport and logistics factors. In particular, the latest up-to-date statements, presented on the APK-Inform website, indicate an increase in the share of grain dumping in 2021.
For the period 2019-2020, export indicators for grain crops increased by 22.5% compared to 2018. This significantly affects the growth of the economy and the strengthening of the agro-industrial complex.
Unfortunately, this cannot be confirmed for the Russian agricultural market. This year, the Russian agricultural sector is suffering considerable losses, since the dumping of grain and oilseeds has significantly decreased here, by 15% from the level of last year.