In case of cancellation of Turkey to import Russian grains, Russia to reorientate 1.6 mln tonnes of grains – expert




In case of the imposition of any limitations on the exports of Russian grains by Turkey, Russia will have to reorientate nearly 1.6 mln tonnes of the commodity on other markets, declared the Deputy Director of the strategic management department of Rusagrotrans CJSC, Igor Pavensky.

At the same time, the expert believes that realization of such operations are quite realistic.

Basically, the small-scale ports of the Azov Sea (Azov, Rostov-on-Don, Yeysk, Taganrog, etc.) ship grains towards Turkey. If last season their share in the general shipment volumes of Russian grains to Turkey totaled nearly 70%, then during the first 4 months of 2015/16 MY the index grew to 90%. In the current year, the share of grain shipments to Turkey formed nearly one third of the cargo turnover in the reporting ports, added the analyst.

Also, I.Pavensky reminded that wheat and corn are the basic crops of Russian grain exports to Turkey, which shares in 2014/15 MY totaled 66% (4.2 mln tonnes) and 22% (1.4 mln tonnes), respectively.

Traditionally, traders realize the major shipment operations of wheat to Turkey in the beginning of the season. So, in July-November of 2015/16 MY the wheat export volumes are expected to reach 1.6 mln tonnes. In the remaining months, Russia would potentially supply additional 1.2 mln tonnes of the grain to Turkey. As the corn exports, the volumes would total 0.3 mln tonnes and 0.2 mln tonnes respectively, the expert noted.