President of Russia signed the order on application of the special economic measures against Turkey




On November 28, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin signed the Executive Order “On Measures to ensure the National Security of the Russian Federation and the Protection of Citizens of the Russian Federation against Criminal and Other Illegal Acts and on the Application of Special Economic Measures Against the Turkish Republic”, informed the Kremlin press-service.

In particular, the reporting document bans or limits the foreign economic operations envisaging the import to the territory of the Russian Federation of certain goods originating from the Turkish Republic as listed by the Russian Federation Government (except for goods imported for personal use in amounts established by Eurasian Economic Union regulations).

Also, the Government of Russia was issued to take measures providing the further enhancing control at the sea ports, and ensure the transportation safety of Russian seaports in the Azov-Black Sea area, including the prevention of the illegal presence and movement of marine and other vessels within the waters of Russian seaports.

The Executive Order comes into effect on the day of its official publication and remains in effect until the special economic and other measures established thereunder are cancelled.