China has opportunities to purchase all sunflower meal of Ukrainian origin — experts




To date, the Chinese market demonstrates rather large-scale demand for sunflower meal, so the People's Republic of China can purchase the whole volume of the product, produced in Ukraine, reported the trader of the international trade company Allseeds, Natalia Pavlenko to APK-Inform journalists.

But the current level of bid prices announced by the Chinese consumers is the major limiting factor, which slows down the exports of Ukrainian sunflower meal to China, said N.Pavlenko.

At the same time, the Business development director at UkrOliya LLC, Yuriy Shevchenko agreed that the Chinese market is huge and extremely perspective not only for Ukrainian sunflower meal.

According to him, there are large-scale opportunities to expand the sales geography and the number of potential buyers. Taking into account that South America is the major global exporter of soybean meal, and the current forecasts of its production somewhat reduced, and the relation between the USA and China continue developing in the trade confrontation direction with establishment of various trade tariffs, and that the living standards in China (including the population's consumption of meat) are growing, and the Chinese government started actively looking for a replacement for soybean meal as feed for farm animals, then sunflower meal can highly likely become a good alternative for the country. In terms of opening of the Chinese market, in 2017/18 MY the Ukrainian export market started strengthening the prices.