Russia increased the production and exports of sunflower oil — EFKO




For 3 recent seasons, the production of oilseeds in Russia significantly increased, and in 2018/19 MY the figures reached 18.7 mln tonnes. At the same time, the share of sunflower seed in the production structure totaled 70%, and in 2018/19 MY the harvest volumes reached 12.7 mln tonnes, declared the Vegetable Oils and Oilmeals Trading Director at EFKO Group of Companies, Anton Gritsai during his report within frames of the International Sunflower Seed and Oil Conference 2019.

In terms of the growth of sunflower seed production in Russia, the production of sunflower oil also increased, so in 2018/19 MY the share of Russia in the global sunflower oil production reached 24%, thereby making the country the second largest producer in the rating after Ukraine. At the same time, for 3 recent seasons Russia increased the exports of sunflower oil — from 1.7 mln tonnes in 2016/17 MY, to 2 mln tonnes in 2017/18 MY, and 2.2 mln tonnes in 2018/19 MY, said A.Gritsai.

Also, the speaker noted that Iran, Turkey and Egypt traditionally formed the TOP-3 of countries-importers of Russian sunflower oil.

As for the exports of Russian sunflower oil on the Indian market, its share was much lower in comparison with the supplies of the Ukrainian oil. It is acknowledged that the insufficiently high quality of Russian sunflower oil became the major reason for such situation development. At the same time, the product qualitative features will continue improving, which in the long term can contribute to increasing of sunflower oil shipments from Russia to India. To date, the company EFKO is ready to supply non-GM crude sunflower oil, soybean and rapeseed oils, as well as non-GM sunflower and rapeseed meals, to Indian importers, concluded the expert.