APK-Inform reduced its estimations of the general grain harvest in Russia




Taking into account the recent adjustments of the supply & demand balances of major grain crops in Russia, APK-Inform analysts reduced the forecast of grains and pulses production in Russia in 2019 to 122.8 mln tonnes, an increase of 8.4% compared with the last year results.

The forecast decreased, due to the unfavourable agro-climatic conditions formed in some regions of the country, including the North Caucasian and Volga Federal Districts, the experts explained.

In particular, as of July 22 the average yield figures of wheat in the reporting regions totaled 3.37 t/ha and 1.64 t/ha respectively, down 7.6% and 15.2% compared with the same date last year.

In 2019, wheat production in Russia will total 76.7 mln tonnes (up 6.4% compared with 2018), barley — 19.9 mln tonnes (up 16.9%), and corn — 12.9 mln tonnes (up 12.9%).