Ukraine: 2019/20 MY to become the season of anti-records the buckwheat market — APK-Inform




After the slight upsurge in production dynamics in 2016/17 MY and 2017/18 MY, for the second running season the buckwheat market in Ukraine faced the downward trends in formation of the general harvest and domestic consumption volumes.

According to the State Statistics Service, Ukrainian agrarians planted buckwheat for the harvest-2019 throughout the areas of 67.5 thsd ha only, which became the absolute anti-record. It is evident that the low yield figures of the grain significantly affected the current situation, because the figures are significantly lower compared with the yield figures of major grain crops. The maximum average yield of buckwheat in Ukraine was recorded in 2014, and totaled 1.22 t/ha, while the maximum average yield of wheat reached 4.12 t/ha, and barley — 3.31 t/ha. At the same time, in the current season barley and wheat have good chances of forming of the new maximum yield figures.

APK-Inform analysts forecasted the average yield of buckwheat in 2019 at the level of 1.22 t/ha. Even in terms of the yield reaching the record level, the significant reduction of the planted areas (down 40% compared with the figures for 2018) will form the harvest volumes at the level of 82 thsd tonnes, which will also become the historical minimum level.

Taking into account the forecasted decline in production, APK-Inform analysts forecasted some reduction in the domestic consumption of buckwheat in Ukraine in 2019/20 MY to 137 thsd tonnes. In addition, the country will form the minimum carry-over stocks for 10 recent seasons at the level of 32 thsd tonnes.


Cumulatively, the reporting factors will provide the serious support to the prices both in the buckwheat segment and the groats segment. At the same time, in the new season Ukraine expects for another anti-record — increasing of buckwheat imports to 25 thsd tonnes, or 18% of the domestic consumption volumes.

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