In 2018/19 MY, Lebanon significantly increased the imports of Ukrainian feed grains — APK-Inform




Traditionally, Lebanon is the net importer of grains, and requires the stable and reliable suppliers, while Ukraine is systematically strengthening its positions on the market. According to APK-Inform analysts, in 2018/19 MY Ukraine exported 638 thsd tonnes of major grain crops (wheat, barley, corn) to Lebanon, or 25% of the general imports of the reporting grains by Lebanon (2.6 mln tonnes, according to the USDA reports).

At the same time, in 2018/19 MY Ukraine increased the shipments of barley to the country in more than 9 times compared with the last year — from 2.7 thsd tonnes, to 24.4 thsd tonnes. Thus, barley supplies from Ukraine covered 16% of the Lebanon's demand in the grain.



The share of Ukrainian corn covered the more significant market segment. So, in the season-2018/19 MY Ukrainian corn supplies to Lebanon reached 277 thsd tonnes, up 2.9 times compared with 2017/18 MY, and formed 31% of the grain imports to the country.

Wheat supplies from Ukraine to Lebanon were relatively stable, and covered nearly 22-25% of the needs of the country-importer.

According to the USDA estimations, in 2019/20 MY Lebanon will increase the imports of barley to 200 thsd tonnes, against 150 thsd tonnes last season, while corn imports will remain at the last year level (900 thsd tonnes). Taking into account the expected decline of barley imports in the new season by Saudi Arabia, the share of the Ukrainian grain supplies to Lebanon will possibly increase.



The topic on the prospects of Ukrainian grains on the market of Lebanon and other countries of the MENA region will become one of the major ones within frames of the international conference "Middle East Grains&Oils Congress: Beirut edition", to be held in Beirut, Lebanon, on September 18-19, 2019.

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