Ukraine: for 10 months, Risoil increased grain transshipment




Світлина від Risoil S.A.Since the beginning of 2019, and as of October 31, the grain terminal Risoil Terminal, located in SE Commercial Sea Port of Chornomorsk, shipped 1.766 mln tonnes of grains, an increase of 435 thsd tonnes compared with the whole12 months of 2018, reported the press-service of the company.

According to the announcement, the indicators improved, due to the high-rate workload of the terminal. Also, the work of the loading machine NEUERO played its significant role, which ships nearly 1000 tonnes/h, and can complete the loading process of the vessels of handy type for nearly thirty six hours.

In addition, Risoil Terminal noted that the figures increased, due to launching of the second station of railway cars unloading, which allows unloading 16 rail cars at the same time.