Ukraine: downward trend in flour production — APK-Inform




According to APK-Inform analysts, the downward trend in production in the flour-milling segment of Ukraine has been developing for the third running month.

So, if in October 2019 Ukraine produced 159 thsd tonnes of flour (down 4% compared with last season), in November 2019 — 156 thsd tonnes (down 5%), then in December 2019 the figures decreased to 144 thsd tonnes, down 13% compared with the same month last season, and down 8% compared with November volumes of flour production.

At the same time, in December 2019 the production of animal feed totaled 571 thsd tonnes, up 3% compared with the same period of the season-2018/19, and up 4% compared with the production volumes in November 2019. In the first half of 2019/20 MY, the rates of animal feed production lowered by 1% only compared with last season.