Ukraine: high prospects of the high harvest of winter grains — NAAS




Due to the fact that the condition of winter grain crops was relatively good, it provides a basis to make the preliminary positive forecasts about the expected harvest volumes, especially if the temperature regime is favourable in the nearest future, and the depth of atmospheric precipitation does not lower compared with the average long-term figures, informed the review of experts of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine (NAAS).

According to the NAAS, for most of the winter period (December, January, and two ten-day periods of February) the depth precipitation in the form of rain and snow totaled nearly 114 mm, which almost corresponded to the average long-term standard. At the same time, such precipitation figures failed to completely provide the moisture reserves for winter wheat and other winter crops after nonfallow forecrops, in particular after sunflower seed, where its reserves in the meter soil layer were still lower compared with the average long-term indicators.

In addition, the prospects of receiving of the high harvest of winter grain crops in the current year are quite real. Several objective factors became the evidence of the trend, namely, good results of crops overwintering and the condition of plants in the beginning of the spring and summer vegetation, early spring beginning and gradual increasing of the temperature indicators, relatively adequate moisture content of the soil throughout most planted areas, etc. Therefore, the final results will depend on both weather conditions in the future, and the level of material resources capability of farms, as well as the professional skills of technologists to achieve the desired goal.