Ukraine: Cabinet of Ministers proposed to cancel the import duties on certain grains




The Cabinet of Ministers submitted the draft law #3310 to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine "On amendments to the Customs tariff of Ukraine regarding the temporary application of the import duty rates on certain types of grain crops", which provides cancellation of the import duties on buckwheat, rice, rye and other alternate grains, until July 1, 2020, declared the Deputy Minister for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine, Trade representative of Ukraine, Taras Kachka, on April 8.

The draft law provides reduction of the import duties on the goods that the domestic market significantly depends on — such as buckwheat, rice, rye and other alternate grains. The authorities will remove the duties until the end of the current marketing year. At the same time, the Ministry for Development of Economy expected that agrarians will increase the planted areas under buckwheat, and the officials will need to protect the domestic market, said T.Kachka.

Also, the authorities will make the further decisions depending on the forecasts of the harvest of the reporting crops. The current situation with the food security indicates that Ukraine needs to stimulate the imports from other countries for those goods, which demonstrate the significant share of imports, added T.Kachka.