Ukraine: degree of development of spring plants was generally satisfactory — NAAS




The recent monitoring of crops areas to determine the condition of spring grains and pulses, provided at the end of April 2020, showed that the degree of plant development was generally satisfactory, but to date there is observed clearly insufficient moisture content in the seed soil layer and the sum of effective temperatures for the optimum development of the plant sprouts, which resulted n the fact that plants demonstrated the slow growth rates of vegetative mass, and the absence of further formation of the secondary root system, reported the agrometeorological review of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine (NAAS).

Thus, in the areas of spring cereals (barley, spring wheat and triticale, as well as oats), there was observed the stage of the second leaf and beginning of the tillering period, the plant height totaled 10.1-15.4 cm, and pulses (peas, lentils, chickpeas) — 4.7-6 cm.

Only oat plants started forming nodal roots (1.4-2.9 pcs/plant), while other cereals mainly function due to the primary root system, which negatively affects the further general development of crops. The areas under other crops (corn and sunflower seed, planted in southern oblasts) demonstrated beginning of the sprouting stage, the NAAS experts said.

At the same time, in the central part of Ukraine the significant share of farmers started planting corn, sunflower seed and groats in the third ten-day period of April.