In April, Ukraine exported the record volumes of sunflower oil, despite the pandemic




In April 2020, Ukraine exported 717.4 thsd tonnes of sunflower oil at the sum of 518.5 mln USD, including 647 thsd tonnes of crude and 70 thsd tonnes of refined oil, reported the State Statistics Service of Ukraine.

The April export volume turned to be the all-time record that exceeded by 5% the previous maximum level achieved in March 2017 (684 thsd tonnes at the sum of 515 mln USD).

“Compared to the result of March 2020, the export increased by 18% despite the COVID-19 pandemic  that, however, had the direct impact on sales geography. Thus, the export to India and China lowered by 44% and 32% correspondingly. At the same time, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, UAE and some other countries increased the import of Ukrainian sunflower oil”, - explained the expert of APK-Inform, Julia Ivanitskaya.

The total export of Ukrainian sunflower oil reached 4.54 mln tonnes (3.3 bln USD) in September-July 2019/20 MY, up 9.5% compared to the same period of the previous season (+16%).