Ukraine maintained sunflower oil production at the last year level, despite delay of the harvesting campaign of sunflower seed - APK-Inform




Ukraine did not reduced crude sunflower oil production in the first month of 2020/21 MY, despite delay of the harvesting campaign of sunflower seed and slow supply of the oilseed to the market.

According to the State Statistics Service, Ukraine produced 460 thsd tonnes of sunflower oil in September that matched the year ago level and wad up 9% compared to September 2018.

Ukraine produced record 60 thsd tonnes of refined sunflower oil compared to 58 thsd tonnes in September 2019.

High output of sunflower oil at the beginning of the season was based on high carry-over stocks of sunflower seed. “About a half of sunflower oil volume was made from old-crop sunflower seed at out plant”, - one large Ukrainian processor told to APK-Inform.

APK-Inform forecasts Ukraine to cut sunflower oil production by 10% to 6.34 mln tonnes in 2020/21 MY due to expected decline of sunflower seed crop by 7% and reduce of its oil content by 1-2% amid long-lasting drought.