Ukraine exported 35 mln tonnes of grain in July-March




According to the State Customs Service, since the beginning of 2020/21 MY and as of March 31, Ukraine exported 35.056 mln tonnes of grains and pulses, down 10.63 mln tonnes compared to the same date in 2020.

Ukraine exported 2.936 mln tonnes of grains and pulses in March.

Wheat export reached 14.295 mln tonnes (down 3.536 mln tonnes), barley - 4.087 mln tonnes (down 199 thsd tonnes), corn - 16.079 mln tonnes (down 6.961 mln tonnes).

Moreover, Ukraine exported 97 thsd tonnes of flour (down 177.9 thsd tonnes), including 96.1 thsd tonnes of wheat flour (down 176.2 thsd tonnes).