Ukraine exported 37 mln tonnes of grain and 100 thsd tonnes of flour this season




According to the State Customs Service, since the beginning of 2020/21 MY and as of April 16, Ukraine exported 37 mln tonnes of grains and pulses, down 11.51 mln tonnes compared to the same date in 2020.

Ukraine has exported 1.404 mln tonnes of grains and pulses since the beginning of April.

Wheat export reached 14.715 mln tonnes (down 3.695 mln tonnes), barley - 4.111 mln tonnes (down 405 thsd tonnes), corn - 17.567 mln tonnes (down 7.346 mln tonnes).

Moreover, Ukraine exported 100.2 thsd tonnes of flour (down 186.9 thsd tonnes), including 99.2 thsd tonnes of wheat flour (down 186.1 thsd tonnes).