Ukraine to harvest second largest grain crop in 2021 - forecast




Production of grains and pulses will amount to 70.7 mln tonnes in Ukraine in 2021, up by 8.8% compared to 2020 (65 mln tonnes). It will be the second largest crop on record after 2019, declared the Director of the National Scientific Center “Institute of Agrarian Economics”, Yuri Lupenko.

The growth of grains production will mainly arise from the record crops of winter wheat at 28.5 mln tonnes and winter barley at 3.95 mln tonnes as well as larger output of corn for grain at 31.1 mln tonnes (29.8 mln tonnes in 2020).

“Spring barley will preserve large share in the production volume. However, it will decrease to 4.4 mln tonnes in 2021 from 4.5 mln tonnes in 2020 and 5 mln tonnes in 2019”, - Y.Lupenko said.

The production of winter grains will increase sizably by 15.9% in 2021. The crops of wheat, barley in rye will grow. The production of spring crops will increase by 3.1%, pulses by 8.7%.

At the same time, the production of oats will decline by 19.5%, millet by 17.7%, rice by 8.3% and spring barley by 1.4% due to lower planted areas.

The growth of winter grains production will stem from wider planted area and better yields. Planted area under wheat will be extended by 360 thsd ha, rye by 31.5 thsd ha, barley by 77 thsd ha. The yield of wheat will reach 4.25 t/ha, rye - 3.1 t/ha, barley - 3.66 t/ha.

“It is our neutral forecast of grain production, while the optimistic expectations say about grain crop at 80 mln tonnes, pessimistic - 67.7 mln tonnes. The final result will depend on weather conditions and probably will turn to optimistic scenario”, - Y.Lupenko summarized.