Grain yield sharply higher than last year’s in Ukraine




As of July 1, agrarians of Ukraine harvested grains and pulses throughout 190.9 thsd ha, down by 59.1% compared to the last year progress, informed the press-service of the State Statistics Service.

The production volumes reached 825.2 thsd tonnes (-40.9%) with the average yield of 4.31 t/ha (+44.6%).

Agrarians harvested 50.8 thsd tonnes of winter wheat with the yield of 3.96 t/ha (+50%) throughout 12.6 thsd ha. They harvested 738.5 thsd tonnes of winter barley with the yield of 4.41 t/ha (+32.8%) throughout 167.3 thsd ha and 31.1 thsd tonnes of spring barley with the yield of 3.44 t/ha (+27.9%) throughout 9 thsd ha.

Also, as of July 1, farmers harvested 50 thsd tonnes of peas with the yield of 2.34 t/ha (+28.6%) throughout 2 thsd ha.

Production of winter rapeseed reached 70.4 thsd tonnes with the yield of 2.76 t/ha (+67.3%) harvested throughout 2.4 thsd ha.