Ukraine harvested 1.1 mln tonnes of corn




As of September 23, Ukrainian farmers harvested 1.103 mln tonnes of corn with the yield of 4.86 t/ha throughout 4.1% of the planned area, informs the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food.

Agrarians harvested 75.1 thsd tonnes of buckwheat with the yield of 1.35 t/ha throughout 66.2% of the plan and 134 thsd tonnes of millet with the yield of 2.36 t/ha throughout 72.8% of the plan.

Generally, agrarians harvested 46.428 mln tonnes of grain with the yield of 4.38 t/ha throughout 66.5% of the area.

Additionally, agrarians harvested 4.27 mln tonnes of sunflower seed with the yield of 2.12 t/ha throughout 30.9% of the area, harvested 619 thsd tonnes of soybean with the yield of 2.35 t/ha throughout 20.5% of the area.