Ukrainian rye export up 4 times in Q1 of 2021/22 MY - APK-Inform




According to the State Custom Service of Ukraine, the country exported 42.6 thsd tonnes of rye at the sum of 12.2 mln USD in July-September, up by 24 times in volumes terms and up by 6 times in monetary terms compared to the same period of the preceding season.

Poland was the key importer of Ukrainian rye - 18.4 thsd tonnes or 43% of the total volume exported. Turkey imported 10.9 thsd tonnes or 26% of Ukrainian rye, shipments of which resumed in September after prolonged break (since May 2009). Lithuania imported 5.3 thsd tonnes or 13% of Ukrainian rye.

APK-Inform forecasts rye export from Ukraine to amount to 75 thsd tonnes (up by 4 times) in 2021/22 MY amid the increase of rye production by 28% to 586.6 thsd tonnes. Thus, the rye export potential is 57% accomplished.