Ukrainian terminal waiting for official decision on further functioning




According to the information provided by the seaport authorities of Ukraine, Ukrainian ports were working without any restrictions as of 8 a.m. February 24. However, unofficial information from the market participants says that the official decision on operation of Ukrainian ports will be made after 6 p.m. February 24. After that, the terminals will decide on continuation or suspension of shipments.

Currently, some traders have postponed payment of new supplies of agricultural products. Payment of previously booked products will be made with some delays due to the lack of resources.

Danube shipping and stevedoring company said that in some port terminals the accepting of all transport will be made through preliminary registration at Transagro M. They are ready to accept all transport that is moving to the port, however, the further purchases are postponed.

Later, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine has informed that most of Ukrainian ports suspended operations as of 12 a.m. February 24. There are no information about damages to the port facilities.